day eighteen

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so, i'm leaving the house again today. putting boots and a coat on and everything and even getting in the car! and what exciting adventure do i get to go on this time? to the clinic to get tenzin immunized.

this is not a pleasant outing that i am looking forward to. his nurse is the kindest, sweetest girl, but it never fails that he spends his entire visits wailing so hard that he turns a deep shade of crimson. then eggplant. people can hear him out in the parking lot and maybe even down the street. try to take an innocent look in his ears, or (gasp!) weigh him, and it's all i can do to try to ignore the quivering lip and quell the tears. but the weighing, the hip checks, the lights in the eyes...this is all mere child's play for what lies ahead...

at the end of the visit comes the crescendo: the needles. and the worst part? it's my job to hold down the poor child while he's double-shot with simultaneous spikes. wait a second, i am not qualified! but it's unavoidable. 1...2...3...hold his arms down and jab! i look away quickly, drenched in guilt while surrendering him to the unavoidable pain.

forget stickers at the end of doctor's visits. they need to start handing out martinis.
today's look while wincing and trying not to pass out:

purple turtleneck under dress: jacob connexion from about three years ago ($15)
purple tights: zellers ($10)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)
purple tie around waist: deconstructed from old t-shirt (free)

grand total:
about $100.08