the dress

so, here it is...the dress i will be wearing for the next six months. i was going to put it on to take the picture, but really, i will be wearing it for close to 200 days, so i'm sure you'll understand why i'm not putting it on until tomorrow.

i have to be honest here: i've been obsessing back and forth over the whole pattern. it just looks so simple. and plain. and brown. but, then again, i think it needs to be extremely simple so that it can be embellished and used for multiple occasions. plus i'm extremely indecisive and i change my clothes a lot, so i'm probably just having jitters about the whole thing.

the second dress is identical, just shorter. i would have loved to have had them cut to the same size, but the short one is just a bit too short to have two that length. you will know what i mean when you actually see me in it. no one needs to see that much of my legs, so it's really a good thing there are two lengths. just consider it my little favour to you.

so, just one more day before the experiment begins! should be interesting. let's just hope it goes over better than the great vegetarian experiment of 2009...wish me luck!