here's where i try my best to explain myself. sorry, sometimes i tend to run on.

what is the charity and why did you choose it?
i hope to raise money for almost home in kingston, ontario. it is an amazing home where people with sick children can stay while they receive medical treatment. when my son was born six weeks prematurely in the summer of 2008, i stayed at almost home for three weeks until he was able to come home from the hopsital's nicu with us. i have always wanted to repay them in some way, so hopefully i will now have the opportunity to do that. please visit their website to learn more about this amazing place.

how can i donate money, clothing or accessories to your endeavour?
first of all, thanks you thank you thank you! to sponsor me, just click on the paypal link to donate money. for clothing or accessories, please email me at

why the heck are you doing this anyway?
i love a challenge and thought this would be a fun way to get more wear out of items in my current wardrobe as well as getting enjoyment out of things sitting in other people's closets. whenever i think i have nothing to wear, i know that's not true. there are people out there that actually mean it when they say it. time to get real and get some actual wear out of the items just sitting there day after day making me feel guilty. i hope to actually wear everything i own during this challenge. anything i don't wear, i will donate to charity when the challenge is over.

also, major inspiration from the ladies mentioned on my homepage.

and, of course, most importantly, the opportunity to try to raise money for charity.

plus, i really need some excitement in my life.

who made the dresses?
my very talented seamstress sister, judy, whipped up these dresses in about an hour. (i told you she was talented). the first prototype we tried can generously be described as, well, potato sack-like, so we came up with this very simple design instead. they're 90% cotton and 10% spandex. they will be mostly hand washed and line dried so should hopefully last the duration.

what is the point of having two dresses? isn't this a one dress challenge? i'm confused. and it sounds kind of weird.
practicality, really. other people who have done similar challenges have used multiple dresses; others, just a single dress. i very much wanted to only use one dress, but having a toddler, i erred on the side of practicality (maybe for the first time ever) knowing that one single dress would be near impossible to pull of on a day-to-day basis. unless food bits and runny nose remnants are considered accessories. the reason for the two styles honestly derived from the amount of material i purchased. due to the "potato sack prototype incident", one of them didn't have sufficient material left to be the same length, so it just kind of worked out that way. in the end, having two lengths will hopefully afford me more versatility. and just in case you're curious about the total cost? i love a bargain, so i'll tell you: about $30. so, cost per wear for each dress if i do this for six months (and if i did the math right) works out to about 8¢ per wear.

why didn't you use something already currently in your wardrobe?
i absolutely wanted to but didn't feel that anything i currently own could be versatile enough to wear for six months. i do plan, however, to get more use out of items currently in my wardrobe by layering. this is a good lesson in really considering the versatility of new wardrobe items before purchasing them...something i will hopefully be better at in the future.

what, you have more questions?
email me at