the rules

the rules are short and simple (kind of like me):
  1. there are only two dresses for this six-month challenge: the dresses are identical, but one is long and one is short. i will wear one of these two dresses every day for the duration of the project.
  2. i have a very nominal personal allowance each week for nonessentials. and when i say nominal, i mean terribly cheap and in canadian currency. i will decide whether or not i will spend this money on accessories or additional clothing items or if i will save it up. regardless, i will be wearing the same basic dress every day and can only add extra items to it.
  3. any items that i wear with the dress will preferably be currently owned, secondhand, donated, or free, or, if in a state of desperation, saved up for with my allowance budget
  4. i will donate any and all money raised to almost home at the end of the project.