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mother said...

Good luck - from the mother of the 'kid' - who was never so glad to have her go to school ALL day (including lunch) so that she could NOT come home and change her outfit!!

Widget Wool Crafts said...

I have a bunch of clothes i would love to dontat to this cause. What aprox size are you. Most of the stuff would be best in summer as it is from India, and is very bright, light and would look fab with the red dress.
I know what you mean when you whant to give back our daughters was born at 27 weeks in the states. we stayded at Rogers House which is for parent a home from home while there kids at the Childrens hospital. It was great the support we were given. and when Sabriela never made it the love and shoulder buy stranger 0but friend though a common goal our kids being well) helped so much as our families were back in canada. Lirael our now 6year old is normal, and in 75% in hight. And i have been blessed with many new firend that we lived with for the 3 months we lives there.

I live in Kanata. But can meet you somewhere or if you farther than Ottawa will put it on a greyhound.
Most of the clothes would fit 8-10 womans and are far to large for me now as i wore them when i gust gave birth. I hope you can use them for this most worthy cause.

Mom from Kanata.

mamachu said...

Thank you so much, J, for your generosity! I will email you to arrange for pick-up. And thank you so much for sharing your story. It's amazing the strength and love we receive when we're going through such challenging times. The generosity of others really shines through.

mamachu said...

Silly me, I can't email you since I don't have your email address! I do happen to be coming into Ottawa tomorrow and would be more than happy to pick up the items from you if it's convenient around noon/1 o'clock-ish. Please email me at and let me know if that's convenient and to provide your contact details. If tomorrow doesn't work, I'll we can arrange a different date. Thanks again!