day one hundred fifty-seven

i've decided that i really should work on my sense of timing. my sense of timing seems to have run off somewhere with my sense of direction. i can't seem to find either of them anywhere. they're probably both hanging out watching me from afar and laughing at me.

i used to have a great sense of timing. if someone asked me to be somewhere at, say 8 o'clock, i would be there right at 8 on the dot. not so anymore. i have completely lost all sense of how long things take to do even if i do the same things on a daily basis. if i am asked how long i will take to do something, my answer usually tends to reflect how long i would like something to take as opposed to the actual time required for me to do it.

some things i can do really fast, like ... (an undetermined time later) ... actually, after thinking that over for quite a few moments, i couldn't think of anything except blinking. not a highly useful skill. on the other hand, there are a magnitude of things that seem to take me forever to get done: washing dishes, making food, anything prior to about 8:00 am. hey, i live in a daydream state.

does anyone have any good tips about how you actually get everything accomplished on time? you know, other than hiring a drill sargeant?


today's look while ranting once again about time:

orange scarf around waist: donated by kimberly's deja vu boutique (details below) for this project - thanks! (free)
orange necklace: aldo ($10)
red beaded necklace worn as bracelet: gift from an old co-worker (free)
brown sandals: aldo, about four years old (about $80)

grand total:
about $90.08

kimberly's deja vu boutique
sommerville centre, 6835 highway 62 north (1 mile off the 401)
belleville, ontario k8n 4z5