day one hundred fifty-two

random thoughts from today:

* it is actually malarky that a watched pot never boils. just this morning i watched. and it boiled.
* my wrist has been quite sore for the past couple of days. i'm fairly sure it's due to some previous nerve damage, but i kind of wonder if it's from those cartwheels i was doing the other day.
* if you hurt your wrist doing a couple of cartwheels, does that mean you're starting to get old?
* i wonder if anyone actually ever feels their current age.
* i need to work on my patience level. i get anxious if the computer isn't fast enough, but i still count on my fingers, so it's still faster than me.
* is 34 too old to still be counting on your fingers?
* when it comes to superpowers, i'd rather be able to fly than have x-ray vision.
* the person who invented time was, in my opinion, probably really smart but also likely annoying about it.
* he probably didn't count on his fingers.
* what???????? is up with this?

that's all.


today's look while swinging around:

black dress under dress: smart set, about two years old ($30)
bracelet made by me out of secondhand zippers: (free)

grand total:
about $30.08