day one hundred fifty-six

wow, this is a very, very late post. this weekend has been filled to the brim with birthday parties and visitors and a whole bunch of fun. and another amazing donation! thank you SO much to the people who donated so generously. i continue to be surprised and thankful to all of the people who are helping me along the way with this project. i am getting so excited to hand over the final cheque to almost home in just a few short weeks!

the little cutie i'm kissing today is my big inspiration behind this whole deal. my goal is now to reach $1000 by the end of june. only three-and-a-half weeks to go...


today's look while partying it up:

flowered top over dress: handmade by my sister (free)
jeans: value village, a year old ($20)
green hairband: recycled from an old t-shirt (free)

grand total:
about $20.08