day one hundred seventy-one

a couple of days ago, i came across this article. it's so hard to give credit where it's due because i am kind of voracious when i'm on the internet. it's all, first i'm just going to check this site for a second, but then i'm invariably grabbed by the hand and led off to another site, and two hours later i'm sitting hunched over the laptop squinting, contorted like a pretzel, and can't even remember what i was doing on the internet in the first place because, you know, there are interesting things beyond this square glowing object. (that was a convoluded note to self. must ignore the internet more and reacclimatize to reality. and stop interrupting so much. ugh. it's bad-mannered and annoying).

where was i again?

oh yeah, the summer of dresses. i love this idea! go figure. dresses are just so easy and comfortable. there's no matching to do - just add some accessories - or not - and you're done. there was a full year when i was a little girl when i refused to wear anything but dresses, even though in my daydreams i was a wild tree-climbing tomboy.

so just as my six months of wearing certain dresses is coming to an end, i won't be ignoring dresses altogether...just these particular ones.


today's look while wishing a happy day to all the amazing dads out there:

white t-shirt under dress: smart set, about three years old ($10)
green silk tie around waist: donated by kimberly's deja vu boutique (details below) - thanks! (free)

grand total:

kimberly's deja vu boutique
sommerville centre, 6835 highway 62 north (1 mile off the 401)
belleville, ontario k8n 4z5