day ninety-one

i like items with a little history in them. while shiny new things definitely catch my eye, i usually find items that have been used, loved, and owned previously by someone - or many someones - a little more intriguing.

i love that when i rifle mindlessly through my kitchen drawers, my hand invariably passes over a utensil that one of my late grandmothers would have used and loved before me. i always pause, caught off-guard by whatever it was that i was in the midst of doing, and take a moment and remember them. i know, for instance, that my paternal grandmother would have used a particular rounded knife to meticulously smooth out icing on one of her amazing cakes. or that my maternal grandmother (and relatives before her even) used a particular pie slice so many times that its silver edges have worn thin.

these are not things i would likely purchase if i saw them new in a store. but i like them because of the memories they hold. i like to daydream about all the different ways relatives before me used and loved these things before they came into my possession. i'm not a history buff, but because of their personal connections, i like to think about the history in these particular objects.

i love it that there are still things out there that money will never be able to buy.


today's look while tripping clumsily down memory lane:

green t-shirt under dress: donated by marci bruyere for this project - thanks! (free)
wooden pendant: donated by my friend  maike for this project - thanks! (free)
black tights: gifted (free)
black ruffled platform wedge sandals: if footwear, about eleven months old (about $110)

grand total:
about $110.08