day ninety-six

apparently, i have been pregnant for nine months and didn't know a thing about it. i am supposed to have the baby today. hey, it happens. you go to the bathroom one day and out pops a baby that you didn't even know was in you. okay, before you flip out if you know me, no i am not actually pregnant. get the phone off speed-dial. get those palpitations under control. return to normal breathing. let your heart flip back up to its normal position in your chest. i repeat: no baby here.

it's just that i got a message last night on my machine from a labour nurse at a hospital asking me to call her about my induction that was scheduled for today. induction? what? today? aren't you just about, oh, two years too late? maybe i have been growing one of those fossilized alien babies in me - a twin of sorts. maybe i should call the enquirer and try to get some cash out of this.

anyway, i called back and said i wasn't even pregnant, let alone scheduled for an induction. she had my name and birthday and everything on file. nope, not me. my file must have gotten mixed up with somebody else's. too bad april fool's was last week. i could have had some good fun with that one...


today's look while thankfully going nowhere near a hospital:

grey sweater over dress: donated by marci bruyere for this project - thanks! (free)
beaded necklace: donated by my friend vanessa for this project - thanks! (free)
jeans: stitches, about four years old ($30)
brown leather boots: aldo, about three years old (about $125)

grand total:
about $155.08