day one hundred sixteen

i am so (yawn) tired. i started a new job today. you know how when you're the new girl and you haven't actually worked in two years but then you have to smush (yawn) about a thousand new facts and figures and ways of doing things (yawn) into your only-partly-functioning mum brain and you're trying not to think (yawn) about the fact that now you're a working mother like millions of others but it's still kind of (yawn) hard? yeah, that's how i feel today. happy but very, very tired.


today's look while taking a little rest:

black t-shirt under dress: next exit, about seven years old ($45)
black dress under dress: smart set, about two years old ($30)

grand total:
about $75.08


Anonymous said...

i was thinking about you all day, and hoping you wouldn't be too tired.
tomorrow will be a little easier.
love j