day one hundred twelve

last night we had to make a decision possibly involving life and death. The Husband came up from the basement presented with a dilemma. it turns out there was a teeny tiny mouse on the basement floor and although it wasn't dead, it wasn't exactly responding in typical mouse mode by running away when its fate was to enter a box held out in front of it. it would neither enter the box nor run away. it just kind of lay there.

i followed The Husband downstairs. and there it was. the tiniest mouse just barely past the pink and newborn stage. it was small and grey with the tiniest ears. all i could think was its heart must be the size of a pinhead, and it must have been beating a million miles a second. The Husband outstretched the box again trying to entice it in, but its back legs weren't moving properly. it just sat there with its eyes shut, occasionally opening its small mouth likely attempting to scream for help but no sound was coming out. don't tell anyone, but i actually patted it and i'm pretty sure some baby talk came out of my mouth in an attempt to reassure it in some impossible way. we placed it in the box with a tiny bit of food and set it outside the back door.

a couple of hours later, The Husband checked on it and confirmed the inevitable: mini mouse was dead.

The Husband was sick and exhausted. the baby was sick and exhausted. the mouse was sick and dead. not exactly the kind of celebratory night i'd planned on having.


today's look while hoping mini mouse made a tasty treat to something higher up on the food chain:

purple dress? super-sized t-shirt? nightdress? under dress: the dump (free)
pink tie around waist: refashioned by me out of an old t-shirt (free)
jeans: value village, about eight months old ($20)
butterly print scarf worn on head: donated by kimberly's deja vu boutique (details below) for this project - thanks! (free)

grand total:
about $20.08

kimberly's deja vu boutique
sommerville centre, 6835 highway 62 north (1 mile off the 401)
belleville, ontario k8n 4z5