day one hundred thirteen

i woke up today and knew it would be a good one. the morning was honestly not exactly a picnic, but by about 1 pm i was in my element. because at 1 pm i was frolicking with baby goats. well really, they were doing the frolicking. everyone knows there are not many things cuter than baby animals, and when the opportunity presents itself to actually pat and play with them, i am beyond happy.

a few years ago, The Husband and i travelled to disneyworld. we went to one of the parks and there was a little petting zoo so i just had to go even though i was approximately 25 years older than the median age. apparently at one point i actually sort of shoved my way closer obliviously cutting off a small child, but hey, there were animals to be petted and if you're too slow, they sometimes wander off and then there is no chance of petting - for anyone. kids are so oblivious sometimes.

but today, we had the animals all to ourselves and i even let tenzin get some pats in.

now that's one group of kids i don't mind hanging out with.


today's look while participating in the uniform project's lbd friday:

black skirt worn as lbd over dress: made by my sister (free)
black t-shirt under dress: old navy, about four years old ($15)
red beaded necklace worn as bracelet: gifted by an old co-worker (free)
embroidered material worn as headscarf: refashioned from a t-shirt my sister donated for this project - thanks! (free)
black tights: gifted (free)
black platform shoes: aldo, about two years old ($125)

grand total:
about $145.08


Anonymous said...

what is lbd?
i don't think that is right...
black skirt worn as pounded over dress... no wrong...
but what is it? it must be obvious...

christine said...

lbd = little black dress.

it's part of a fun little side project that sheena over at is doing since her project is ending at the end of the month. in honour of her fantastic project, a bunch of her readers wore our little black dresses as well today and documented it.