day one hundred fourteen

since moving here about six years ago, i have certainly had mixed feelings about this country living thing. i'm sure i've mentioned it here before - likely more than once. i often yearn for the excitement of city life: the buildings, the atmostphere, the energy. but then i have moments like this evening and i realize i would never have had this amazing experience in a downtown life.

we were hanging out in a patch in our garden-in-progress in the backyard - the garden whose footprint is approximately the same size as the one of our house (one more advantage to life on the land, i suppose). it was just tenzin and mr. stinkers and me killing a bit of time, heads down, digging mindlessly in the dirt. mr. stinkers was lollygagging around in the grass; tenzin and i were uprooting old grass and throwing it into a bucket making room for some herbs. i could hear some sort of engine humming in the distance through the usually quiet air. out of nowhere, the normally serene mr. stinkers let out a low growl and then i heard footsteps. loud, strong feet pouding the ground nearby. i looked up from my dirt patch and there it was: a beautiful deer standing only a few feet away. i gave it a reassuring look hoping it would get my esp message that we didn't wish to have it for dinner, that it could stay standing there safe in our yard as long as it needed to catch its breath. it looked at me briefly, but the message must have got blown away somewhere else on the evening breeze. as swiftly as it arrived, it ran away, white tail saluting the sky and made its way into the forest with a few graceful leaps and bounds.

so for tonight at least, for that experience alone, the points go to life in the country.


today's look while enjoying nature at its purest:

blue turtleneck under dress: old navy, about two years old ($15)
grey jersey pants: donated by coral sproule for this project - thanks! (free)
wooden pendant: donated by my friend maike for this project - thanks! (free)
black ruffled platform shoes: if footwear, about eleven months old (about $110)

grand total:
about $125.08