day fifty-one

today i am posing with mr. stinkers. mr. stinkers is just about the friendliest stray cat you will ever meet. that's probably why he has a name and isn't just known as that damned cat that keeps coming around and pissing on our rosebush. not that we have a rosebush. but if we did, i'm sure he'd be very considerate.

he is the best stray cat because he only comes around once about every four or five months. just when you're standing outside by yourself in your driveway daydreaming, he shows up ninja-like out of the bushes and makes you scream a little out loud. or at least that's what he did to me today.

he never whines at the door or begs for food. he doesn't like us quite enough to bring us mice which is just fine with me. he is friendly and affectionate and is just happy with whatever amount of patting you are up for at the time. he doesn't even stink like his name suggests. he is actually quite neutral smelling for a cat. i have smelled him quite close up. in fact, after i took this picture, he climbed right up on my shoulder and gave me a neck massage. with his face.

i am not even a cat person (despite having had a few for pets) and he doesn't gross me out. best of all, he doesn't have any of those nasty furballs or strange lumps that most cats tend to get. ewwwwww.

but i still scrubbed my hands as soon as i came inside.


today's look while hugging a cat at dusk:

white sweatshirt over dress: stitches, about three months old ($7)
jeans: stitches, about four years old ($30)
brown boots: zellers, about three months old ($20)

grand total:
about $57.08


Anonymous said...

Great that you have a pet that doesn't require 'care' - you know - cleaning litter boxes, vet bills etc. Are you watching the Olympics? I'm having trouble getting enough sleep because all the Olympic action happens after 10:00 p.m. Oh well...

mamachu said...

i would probably watch more olympics if i didn't pass out asleep on the couch every night!