day seventy-eight

according to my completely unscientific studies (ie: a focus group of one), all of the things i've heard about "mum brain" appear to be true. i know this because i am the focus group participant and have become walking, breathing, living proof of it. i swear i: 1) used to have a memory, 2) used to be on time, and 3) used to be coherent.

i can't seem to remember my age. i consistently keep knocking two years off of it in my mind. don't most people know how old they are? i really have to put some genuine thought into it sometimes. am i concerned about aging? trying to conceal my true birthdate? no, i'm blaming it on mum brain.

i went to the city yesterday, found a parking spot, and thought how lucky i was that i'd found two hours of free parking not far from where i was going. i went back to the car about an hour later to find a ticket neatly tucked under the wiper. that's right, i'd misread the sign. and then i misread the ticket. have i really lived in the country so long that i've forgotten how to read parking signs? gotten so many tickets that it's all a blur now? no, i'm blaming it on mum brain.

i am so tongue-twisted you'd think i was speaking another language half the time. i also repeat myself a lot. everything starts off quite coherently in my head, but by the time it travels down through my brain parts and out of my mouth, it's all a garble. i tend to start off a lot of sentences and then through trying to remember the names of everyday objects or recall certain events. i also repeat myself a lot. did i walk into a tree once while daydreaming and lose my memory? (well, the tree part yes, but the memory part no.) was i hypnotized at one of those crazy shows and then then they erased all of my memory of it along with my ability to speak? no, it's just the bum mrain. i mean the mum brain.

help me. i am doomed.


today's look while not attempting to remember anything, be anywhere, or speak to anyone:

brown top over dress: value village, about ten months old (about $5)
pink beaded necklace: donated by my friend maike for this project - thanks! (free)
jeans: value village, about seven months old ($20)

grand total:
about $25.08