day one hundred forty-eight

in addition to really needing wanting some new shoes, my hair is in serious need of some attention. it's turning into a cross between [insert your favourite hair band member circa 1980-something here] and ugly betty (the especially early episodes). if had only had three words to describe it in its natural state (ie: when i catch a glance of it in the bathroom mirror first thing each morning), i would choose: straw-like, poodle-y and yikes. there's not much helping it at this point. although haircuts are against the rules, for my own sanity i should probably get some sort of appointment booked to make myself feel like i'm at least trying to do something about it.

i have a feeling july 2nd is going to be a busy day.


today's look while admiring other people's hair:

blue t-shirt over dress: liquidation world, about eight months old (about $10)
jeans: liquidation world, about a year old ($3)
black platform shoes: aldo, two years old ($125)

grand total:
about $138.08


sngz said...

Could you cut it yourself have a friend cut it?

Anonymous said...

hey chris,
your hair never looks bad, so i don't believe you for a second, poodle girl.
oh, and if you want a little time, i can do it when i come??? (or will you have too many flashbacks of that time where i cut it the way i wanted not the way you wanted?)