day one hundred twenty-three

if there was such a thing as an internet psychologist patrolling the internet, i'm fairly sure they would diagnose this site as suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. i suppose it's technically a bit of a fashion blog since it revolves around my two-dress project, but i don't consider myself very fashionable and the only reason i'm taking my picture every day is because i have to as proof. but then i go and write about life stuff even though it's not really at all related to what i'm doing. to top that all off, i went and got myself a nice bout of writer's block, so i've decided to take sngz's great suggestion from the comments yesterday and write about sites that inspire me. some i check daily, others i like to save up and catch up every week. hopefully you'll return the favour and tell me about your favourite inspiring sites so i can get addicted to them too and kill a couple more hours that i don't really have checking them out. here goes...

the recent leader of the pack with her own paragraph, the gold star of websites on my must-see daily has to be awarded to the uniform project. sheena is hands-down the master of creativity and fashion. she inspired me beyond belief with her year-long dress project - which sadly ended just this past friday - but she has great plans up her fashionable sleeves, and i can't wait to see what's in store next. luckily there are plenty more inspiring people out there...

here are the rest of my must-reads (with links) in no particular order:

fashion/crafty types:
makeshift: i've written about her here before. this fellow canadian is handmaking all of her clothes for an entire year. truly intriguing.
new dress a day: i've also mentioned this site here before. this girl is making also making a new outfit every day for a year...on a strict budget of $365 for the entire year.
grosgrain: so many talented seamstresses out there! this lady sews an abundance of beautiful outfits and literally gives them away for free. i haven't been lucky enough to win one yet, but hopefully someday...
katie did: again, beautiful handmade things of all kinds can be found here - usually modeled by her beautiful children.
forty-sixth at grace: amazing photography, poetic site.
angry chicken: this lady sews, cooks, writes, she does it all. and is entertaining to boot.
made: another amazing sewing site full of modern ideas.
the purl bee: the nyc shop's site that i am dying to buy some wool from sometime in this lifetime.
brooklyn tweed: he's a man and he knits. what could be cooler?
the sartorialist: the master of fashion photography. captures everyday street fashion in a way no one else can. his images make you want to move immediately to paris. or new york. or wherever.

interesting individuals:
the end mark: got to give a shout-out to steve who inspired this post! i really like his laid-back style and his writing. plus he's a big fan of canadian musicians! (sorry, forgot for a moment that you hate the exclamation mark...)
the girl who: i've followed her for years. she is also a huge inspiration. she's another reason i'm doing this dress project. she's just all-around amazing and one of my favourite reads.
thunder pie: husband of the girl who. i've never read writing like his anywhere else. this man needs to write a book books.
dooce: call her a mommy-blogger, love her or hate her - i think she's great. she says it like it is which makes her alright in my books.
city wendy: a fellow redhead with a knack for making everyday life interesting.
the bloggess: too funny for words. the kind of girl you wish you could hang out with for a few hours.
judysquared: i introduced her to you when she won my contest. this girl is seriously talented when it comes to textiles. that, and aren't blogs just that much more interesting when you actually know the person behind the writing?

smitten kitchen: i don't check out food blogs as often as i used to since The Husband has morphed into a gourmet chef over the past couple of years. but smitten kitchen can always be counted on for great ideas and gorgeous photography.
sweet fine day: see above. this site is drool-worthy.

that's not even the half of it! i spend a good portion of my free time poring over strangers' lives. again, please let me know who your favourites are. spread the love!


today's look while giving few people some well-deserved recognition:

white t-shirt under dress: smart set, about three years old (about $10)
white skirt under dress: the dump (free)

grand total:
about $10.08


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this post! give me more! i love to see what people read!
i like your dress today!