day one hundred forty-seven

so this whole not shopping thing is an interesting experiment. it's basically been five whole months since i have bought anything. in some respects, it's been a lot easier than i thought, but when the seasons change, it's definitely fun to get a few new things here and there.

and then there was the whole shoe incident yesterday morning. i got up from my desk at work when all of a sudden i felt a weird snap. i looked down at my shoe, and a whole part had come unstuck from the sole to the point where it was actually unwearable. so it was a barefoot day. i even had to walk from the office down the street to the car with no shoes on. under normal circumstances i would be all excited to go shoe shopping on the weekend. i even sort of convinced myself for a short while that since my shoe broke and since it is a necessity to have shoes, surely i should be entitled to a little necessary shoe shopping, right? no dice. although i'm not very happy with any of the other pairs i own, i do have a few to choose from, so i'm going to have to suck it up and wait another five weeks before i can replace them. damn, i hate rules. i always have. but they're especially hard when i make them up myself and then have to adhere to them.

in the meantime, i'll be doing some hardcore window shopping for the next thirty-odd days. then watch out.


today's look while wondering where to look online first:

purple dress over dress: donated by kimberly's deja vu boutique (details below) for this project - thanks! (free)
jeans: also donated by kimberly for this project - thanks! (free)
purple bracelet: donated by anne williams for this project - thanks! (free)
black flats: payless, about two years old ($20)

grand total:
about $20.08

kimberly's deja vu boutique
sommerville centre, 6835 highway 62 north (1 mile off the 401)
belleville, ontario k8n 4z5


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i like this picture.