day one hundred twenty-two

so far, this website has been a whole lot of me, me, me which, frankly, is a bit boring. what i am dying to know about is you! who are you? how did you find this site? what is fun and unique about you? what makes you tick? what do you like to do? wear? eat? listen to? read? go ahead...tell me something - anything - about you. i would love to know more!


today's look while wondering who you are:

green necktie worn around waist: donated by my dad for this project - thanks! (free)
green corduroy pants: secondhand (free)

grand total:
about 8¢ (just the cost-per-wear of the dress today!)


sngz said...

I'm Steve.
I found this site through your twitter when you started to follow me.
I'm awesome?
I don't like math.
I daydream during classes I don't like about stories I would like to write.
I try to take basics and make interesting outfits.
I really, really love Joni Mitchell.

Maybe you should write about blogs/websites/things you've found and loved/find inspiring/whatever?

christine said...

hey steve - love that you wrote! i hate math too. i still haven't figured out why it was ever invented in the first place. and daydreamer should be my middle name. hooray for your canadian love of one of our canadian icons. that makes you doubly awesome!