day one hundred thirty-eight

dear Husband,

fifteen years ago to this date, after honing his skills for many years, cupid shot his sharp arrow straight through my chest. although a dingy bar was no place for a normal baby to hang out, cupid doesn't pay attention to such details, and you never quite know when or where he will strike. he's a bit sneaky that way.

the past fifteen years have been a ton of fun. we've produced memories, gone on trips, lived in foreign places, been apart, been back together, rented apartments, bought houses, gotten married, laughed a lot, put up with a lot, found happiness. oh yeah, and brought a little boy into this big world that's fifty percent you, fifty percent me. we've had more ups than down, more good times than bad, been best friends from the start. i can't imagine having anyone else by my side in this crazy world. you keep me sane, you get me through, you make me laugh. you support me, you are always there, you are my better half.

so, fifteen years, huh? it doesn't quite feel that long, but i can hardly remember life before you. and that makes me happy. i love you till the end...



today's look while getting all mushy:

green tank op over dress: can't remember where bought, a year old ($30)
jeans: value village, about a year old ($20)
black ruffled platform sandals: if footwear, a year old (about $110)

grand total:
about $160.08


sngz said...


May you have fifteen years more.