day one hundred twenty-five

my brain seems to be made up of the sieve type of grey matter lately. how else could i have forgotten to mention one of my other all-time favourite authors in yesterday's post? i remembered about her late last night, but i'll be damned if i was actually going to haul myself away from the clean sheets enveloping my body. by the way, there aren't many things better to me than line-dried sheets that smell of nothing but spring air. but anyway, back to miriam. yeah, that's her name: miriam toews.

if you haven't read her yet, you must go out and borrow/buy at least one of her books, and then you'll probably become hooked like me. and they have great covers, because bad as it is, i often do judge books that way. i actually had to restrain myself from reading all of her books at once so that i can get them out of the library and have them as a treat once in a while when i need to be guaranteed a good read. i started with a complicated kindness (which just happens to be the canada reads 2006 winner). i was lucky enough to find this book at a garage sale for about twenty-five cents. twenty-five cents! apart from clean fresh-smelling sheets, garage sales are right on up there with things i love. no, make that garage sales with amazing books for dirt-cheap. but i'm getting off topic.

a boy of good breeding has the best character name i've seen in a while, summer feelin'. oh, and i already have pretty much an entire screenplay for that book sitting in a deep corner of my mind, complete with the absolute best-fitting soundtrack ever, you know, just in case miriam ever somehow slips into my head and decides she wants me to produce a screenplay for her. now that i have some time on my hands again, i'm going to go and get all of her other books. i will definitely have to purchase them all at some point because i know without even reading all of them that i will love them all.

oh, and she's canadian. i think i definitely have a thing for canadian writers. we definitely produce some good ones.


today's look while making a library list:

blue t-shirt over dress: liquidation world, about eight months old (about $10)
jeans: liquidation world, about a year old ($3)

grand total:
about $13.08