day one hundred thirty-six

i am lying on the ground on a very old blue blanket that used to belong to my grandmother. it's itching my legs a little, but i don't mind. i am staring up at the sky. it is the same shade of blue as the blanket i am lying on. at the top of my vision is an apple tree. its blossoms are shrivelled now, but the leaves are bright, the colour of capers. a bird flies by cutting diagonally through the sky. it is followed by a dragonfly and then another few birds and some more dragonflies. birds are chirping away in the distance. a coolish breeze whispers softly in my face.

my son is playing in the garden nearby. suddenly, his round face appears above mine, looking down on me. he extends a hand full of dirt into mine, and the warmth of it catches me off guard. it is a serene scene. my son then takes another handful of dirt, shoves it in his mouth and says "mmmmmmmmmmmm"...


today's look while contemplating the nutritional content of dirt:

yellow silk scarf: thrifted (free)
black platform shoes: aldo, two years old ($125)

grand total:
about $125.08