day one hundred thirty-seven

there are 44 days left. not that i'm counting. okay, fine, you caught me. there are forty-four days of brown-dress-wearing ahead of me. full disclosure: it's starting to lose its appeal a teeny bit lately. i mean, sure, you don't really have to think about what you're putting on in the morning, but then i can't just wear the brown dress on its own or i would really be bored, so i still have to think about things a little bit.

i used to wear black all the time. as in every single day. as in if you were to open up my closet, all you would see were black tops and black bottoms. and if you opened up my dresser drawers you would see more black tops and black sweaters. maybe that's the clincher. i've actually started wearing more colour in the past couple of years, so it feels a bit drab and boring wearing brown every single day. but that's the main reason i didn't choose a black dress - because i didn't want to be wearing "boring black" every single day for six months. but now the catch is that it feels as though i'm wearing boring brown every day instead.

oh well, only forty-four days left, like i said. and in the end, i know it will all be worth it. it's for an amazing cause. but if anyone wants to put a boost in these last few weeks, the donations sure help make it all a lot less boring.


today's look while being eaten alive:

black dress under dress: smart set, about two years old ($30)
retro necktie worn around waist: donated by my dad for this project - thanks! (free)
black ruffled platform shoes: if footwear, a year old ($110)

grand total:
about $140.08