day one hundred thirty-one

dear anonymous,

i was driving behind you the other day. you were driving a white sedan. you were driving very slowly despite the fact that we were both on a back road in what feels like the middle of nowhere. you were driving very slowly despite the fact that the posted speed limit is 80, and no one would have caught you if you went faster. for some reason you were driving many notches below the speed limit. maybe you were old and just out for a nice afternoon drive. maybe you were looking for an address and were worried that you might miss it if you drove faster. maybe you had a fight with your wife earlier in the day, and you didn't exactly want to rush home at that moment. i don't know what your reasons were. all i know is that i wanted to get home quickly, and there was an annoying solid yellow line and some hills keeping me from passing you. i hate tailgating, so maybe because i wasn't you couldn't sense my urgency. when i played hanna/no hanna, you didn't turn down hanna, and i silently cursed you for it. once in a long while, your foot must have felt a bit tired or you weren't paying as much attention, and you would speed up a little. but then you'd notice and your speedometer needle would return lazily to its comfortable position.

the reason i wanted to pass you and the reason you had me muttering under my breath was because i wanted to get home to see my family. the family i used to have hours upon hours to spend time with. now those hours have dwindled to one-and-a-half to two short hours and when i can't get to them as soon as possible, it gets me a little frustrated. it gets me cursing strangers insulated in cars that can't even hear me. it gets me impatient. so i'm sorry, driver of the white sedan, for silently cursing you. i'm sure you had your reasons for impeding me, none of which were personal. i hope you had a nice drive.


today's look while resting against a tree:

brown shirt under dress: secondhand (free)
patterned top over dress: remade by me from a skirt donated by coral sproule for this project - thanks! (free)
jeans: value village, about a year old ($20)
black ruffled platform sandals: if footwear, about a year old (about $110)

grand total:
about $130.08