day seventy-nine

today was so fun. we drove all the way to belleville (ontario) to meet up with kimberly, the owner of kimberly's deja vu boutique. seriously people, she was so nice, and she gave me an insane amount of clothes for this project. and when i say an insane amount, i mean three bursting, bulging giant bags full. when you deprive yourself of shopping and you receive three enormous bags' worth of clothes, you can't help but have a huge smile on your face.

but back to my new friend kimberly. yep, i'm calling her my new friend because she's the type of person every girl should know. she owns the best consignment shop i've ever gone into. and i'm not just saying that because she hooked me up with a pile of clothes larger than what is currently in my own closet. we browsed around her shop a little when we arrived, and the quality and style of clothes was amazing. everything was organized and fun to look through, and the store was so funky. i peeked at shoes, jewelry, and trinkets. she has it all from everyday items to designer treats. and she is just so down-to-earth, she really did feel like an old friend.

and one of the best parts about kimberly's business? she donates parts of her proceeds to charity...girl after my own heart! her charity of choice is fixed fur life which is an organization that is working through aggresstive spaying and neutering of animals in the community to hopefully one day eliminate euthenasia and pet overpopulation.

all this to say, as soon as i'm allowed to shop again, her place will be on my list of places to hit up. she's conveniently located halfway down the 401 from my house to my immediate family's, so it will be a great little diversion to break up a long drive down the highway. you should definitely do the same. here are her details:

click here to visit her on facebook and become a fan...or, better yet, go and see her now at:

kimberly's deja vu boutique
sommerville centre, 6835 highway 62 north (1 mile off the 401)
belleville, ontario  k8n 4z5

she might even let you sit in her giant leopard print shoe!


today's look while saying a huge thank you the owner of one of my new favourite shops:

purple turtleneck under dress: jacob connexion from about three years ago ($15)
purple tie around waist: deconstructed from old t-shirt (free)
purple tights: zellers ($10)
black ruffled platform wedge sandals: if footwear, about nine months old (about $110)

grand total:
about $135.08