day sixty-eight

so today is the final day of what has become my week-long sister-thon. judith witty won my contest for donating the most money to this project a couple of weeks ago and, in return, got her name in lights for an entire week! congratulations again and i hope this will inspire others to donate whatever amount they can. remember, all money raised will go be given to almost home at the end of the project.

and now back to judy, who is well-deserving of such a prize for her generosity. it doesn't surprise me at all that she won my little contest. judy is one of the most generous people i have ever known. she is forever picking up things here and there for me whenever she has the opportunity. she never shows up empty-handed. you have already come to know her as seamstress extraordinaire, garage sale queen, and artist. if you take all of these qualities, mix them up in a blender, and pour them into a fancy (secondhand) glass, you would be handed a generosity milkshake whipped up and topped off with a cherry by my very own sister. she goes to clothes swaps and brings me bags of things i appreciate and use. she lets me in on best-kept secret places to source amazing bargains. she takes requests and spins them into beautiful handmade items and doesn't charge a dime. i'm sure she won't mind me saying so, but she doesn't have that much extra herself, yet she still found the generosity to donate to my project.

what more could a sister ask for?


today's look while getting some vitamin c:

purple turtleneck under dress: jacob connexion, about three years old ($15)
yellow polka dotted silk scarf around waist: secondhand (free)
red beaded necklace worn as bracelet: gift from old co-worker (free)
purple tights: zellers ($10)
black platform shoes: aldo, two years old ($125)

grand total:
about $150.08


Anonymous said...

thanks for all your nice comments this week. wow, i do feel like i have been in a spotlight all week!

i know you will help almost home through this project, and i'm sure they will appreciate all you have done for them, and i think it's a great idea!

i'll always be rooting for you and thanks again,
love ya