day sixty-four

today i'm going to introduce you to my sister, the mum. yes, this is still the same sister. but no, she is not my mum - that's not how we roll. she is a mum. and yes, we spell "mum" with a "u". we're sorta british like that. even though we're actually canadian. anyway...

my sister is a fantastic mum. she pretty much lost her mind a few times and popped out three baby boys. that's right, three. which is pretty much sixteen whole kids less than that crazy duggar family, but it still opposes my rule of thumb which is not to let the kids outnumber the adults in any given family.

anyway, it was kind of neat because when i was pregnant, she also became pregnant with her latest child, so we were (obviously) both pregnant at the same time for a bit. one of my nephews even nicknamed us the pot-bellied sisters. sweet child. we were able to compare stories and experiences and we even did a very fun photoshoot one day whereby we took those cliched pictures with our hands formed like hearts on our bellies and looked wistfully into the distance. then we said screw it, we look pretty retarded doing that, so we tried for spontaneous instead and ended up jumping up and down for, oh, about an hour or so and tried to look like happy, glowing, jumping pregnant girls. it was one of the most fun times i've ever had, the two of us jumping up and down together and cramping up and laughing so hard tears were falling down our cheeks.

because that's the day we learned that if you are jumping while having your picture taken, the timing is very sensitive: you either look like you are having a great fun time up in the air...or you're caught coming down landing with a strange stance and a contorted look on your face which basically looks like you're about to let rip the biggest fart on the planet.

so yes, my sister has lots of experience being a mum and she's a great non-nagging source of advice on anything from cures for sad little baby tummies to first foods to anything boy-related. and, of course, how to get the perfect jumping shot when six months pregnant.


today's look while not sure how covert i was being:

jean jacket over dress: some overpriced boutique in the ottawa market about ten years ago ($120)
blue turtleneck (not visible): old navy, about two years old ($15)
black tights: gifted (free)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $210.08