day sixty-three

yesterday, i introduced you to my sister the seamstress. today, i'm going to tell you about my sister the garage sale queen. just in case you're wondering, this is the same person. yes, she is multitalented. she can both sew and garage sale shop like a pro. maybe even at the same time.

if there is anything you ever want, my sister is the go-to person. say, for instance, you would like a new bike or a winter jacket or a shovel, she is your person. you just call her up with a few days' notice and she's on the case. it might even be that she will show up with a choice for you. would you like a five-speed bike or a ten? a blue coat or green? a metal or a plastic shovel? here you go, just pick whichever one you'd like best. no, don't worry about paying me, i got them for free. that's right, she's not only one of the best bargain hunters i know, but she has a crazy knack for getting things thrown in for free.

and if she can't find it for you, don't worry, she'll just whip you one up in a few minutes on her sewing machine.


if you are inspired to donate to this project like my sister did, please click the paypal button at the top of the page. every bit makes a difference!

today's look while seeing the sights:

grey t-shirt under dress: liquidation world, about four months old ($5)
dark-wash jeans: liquidation world, about eight months old ($3)
vintage blue printed ribbon around waist: random thrift store (about 10¢)
winter boots (not visible): aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $83.18