day seventy-two

lately tenzin's been eating up a storm. he must be going through some type of growth spurt. we don't sit down for just one breakfast in this house. there's the early morning pre-breakfast. then comes the main breakfast. then a couple of hours later, a big lunch. and then, of course, dinner which we now eat at the same time many senior citizens are just pulling up to the tables themselves. all of this happens with about four snacks in between. so basically, we are non-stop eating around here. it's all about making food while wondering what the next meal will consist of, while simultaneously either planning another trip to the grocery store or raiding the cupboards for snacks.

that's why i've nicknamed him "the black widow". if he keeps this up, he'll be giving her a run for her money someday very soon.


today's look while wondering if anyone else would like to enter their toddler in an eating competition:

grey t-shirt under dress: the dump (free)
pink tie around waist: refashioned by me out of an old t-shirt (free)
brown corduroy pants: jeffrey rogers, from england about ten years ago (about $30)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $105.08


The Husband said...

What do you want for dinner tomorrow?

mamachu said...

buffet. always default to buffet...