day sixty-seven

my sister was the firstborn. not just in our immediate family, but the firstborn grandchild of our generation on both sides of the family.

this means she was the only grandchild to have ever met my maternal grandfather. the only one to have laid down and taken a nap on the soft stomach of his golden retriever. the first grandchild my paternal grandmother made beautiful hand-embroidered dresses and dolls for that were sent across an entire ocean. she was the first one any of the relatives ever heard about or met or held. she was the first grandchild of which photos were taken and mailed around the world. the first to get a card labelled "to my granddaughter on her birthday". hers would have been the first name written on the family tree for that generation, planting down roots and making room for new branches that would soon grow.

a lifetime of firsts, really. she paved the way for all of us from second through to eleventh. but no one else can ever be first like she is.


today's look while writing things down so i don't forget:

black long-sleeved t-shirt over dress: old navy, about four years old ($15)
short-sleeved black t-shirt with bow over dress: zellers, about two years old (about $10)
jeans: stitches, about four years old ($30)
striped socks: joe fresh (about $2)

grand total:
about $57.08