day seventy-three

today The Husband and i went for massages. again, aren't you asking, "but isn't that against the rules?" nope, i'm a rule maker, not a rule breaker. (well, most of the time, anyway). allow me to explain.

now, i'm not one of those people that likes being being in the prone position while a stranger runs their stranger hands over my body. ewwww. no, i prefer to remain completely upright and vertical around all strangers and perhaps, at most, carry on a slightly awkward conversation about such fascinating topics as the price of milk these days or why there always seems to be some sort of festive holiday-themed chocolate products for sale in drugstores at all times of the year. but please do not invade my personal bubble.

so the massages took place at a shop that's about a half an hour away from our house. they have a quiet little room upstairs with four of those giant massage chairs set up and plugged in, so we each sat side by side, hit the go buttons on the remotes and got all of our kinks shook, pounded, vibrated, and beaten out of us for a glorious - and free - fifteen minutes.

now say it with me...ahhhhhhhhhh.....


today's look while feeling more relaxed:

purple dress? super-sized t-shirt? nightdress? under dress: the dump (free)
black skirt under dress: made by my sister (free)
black ribbon around waist: found in bag of christmas wrapping stuff (free)
black tights: zellers ($8)
black platform shoes: aldo, two years old ($125)
book of canadian poetry: the dump (free)

grand total:
about $133.08