day seventy-four

random things i saw today:

* a man getting arrested
* a freshly excised widsom tooth
* a mammoth cheese

i tried to think of more, but that's about all i could come up with. wow, country living, you sure are fascinating. things that stick out as unusual don't happen much around here, but upon reflection, all of these things do share a few similarities:

* they all drew attention to themselves
* they were all interesting in both size and shape
* they all piqued my curiosity, and
* none of them made me lose my appetite (but that's a hard thing to do).

oh, and they all probably took a few years to get into the state i saw them in today.


today's look while looking like a "before" shot:

brown sweater over dress: the dump (free)
beaded necklaces: stitches, about three years old (about $5 for the set)
jeans: stitches, about four years old ($30)
striped socks: zellers (about $4)

grand total:
about $39.08