day seventy-five

i have always been pale. i am so pale, i am practically translucent. sometimes, usually sometime around the height of summer, someone will turn to me and say, "wow, you're so pale!" i have no response to this, since they are really just stating the obvious. but they always say it in the same tone of voice. a voice that implies that i personally chose to practically not have a skin tone. do they really think i haven't noticed that everyone else has a deep golden tan, and i am walking around like a white highlighter? i am probably the reason they're wearing sunglasses, lest the sun rays bounce straight off my pale face and bounce back and burn their (probably tanned) retinas.

i spent many years in denial of my inability to get a glow. i've suffered sunburns too numerous to count, but inevitably my skin turns from lobster pink straight back to white. i've slathered myself in lotions trying to look as though i actually got a tan, but unfortunately natural sun doesn't leave behind strange orange streaks. so all i can hope is that maybe one day, hopefully in the near future, pale will come back into fashion.

and then i'll turn around with a smug smile to all of my golden girls and start loaning out my spf 50.


today's look while humming a whiter shade of pale:

black turtleneck under dress: old navy, about four years old ($15)
stone necklace: donated by my friend maike for this project - thanks! (free)
black tights: (about $15)
black platform shoes: aldo, two years old ($125)

grand total:
about $155.08


Anonymous said...

well, being that i'm your sister and all, and that we have the same parents, means that i too, am pale and pasty white. my co-worker even commented to me the other day that i had a blue line above my lip the other day. turns out, no, i had not been colouring on my face, it was just a vein showing through. someone told me, by the way, that blood is blue in your veins, and as soon as it hits oxygen, it turns red. don't know if it is true, but my veins sure can show through my skin sometimes as blue. so, i guess i am of the see-through variety, too. and yes people of the world. we know we have no tan. we know we are pale, and we don't need to be reminded of it year round.

The Mother said...

'They' used to say you looked like a porcelain doll!