day fifty-eight

this afternoon, i cooked dinner. so what, you say? well, i'll admit i haven't cooked in ages. so long, in fact, i actually can't remember exactly when the last time was. i don't count breakfasts, as in throwing a piece of toast in the toaster, no matter how good that piece of toast may be. i used to cook all the time, but then lost faith along the way a bit. i used to be alright and then gradually, every dish i maked seemed to be subpar. something would always go wrong or taste strange or was downright unimaginative. and when you have a husband who'd a bit of an anthony bourdain/gordon ramsay/thomas keller/marco pierre white hybrid, there's really not much point in trying anymore.

i've always been drawn more to baking, but even the last time i did that was a bit awkward seeing as i was making oatmeal cookies and partway through realized i only had one-third the required amount of oatmeal. kind of reminds me of the time we barely had any ingredients in the house and i decided i'd make a really easy chocolate cake. i searched for and found a simple recipe that only contained five ingredients. and i forgot and/or screwed up the quantities of three of them. ever tried shiny chocolate unraised gelatin? unfortunately, i have.

but back to tonight's dinner. which i actually cooked. i made indian food and it worked! it tasted edible and everything. okay, so The Husband added some amazing homemade naan bread to the mix which i have to say elevated it all to that next level, but oh my. i think i have refound my faith in the food gods.



today while swinging around while dinner simmered:

grey t-shirt under dress: donated by my sister for this project - thanks! (free)
grey tie around waist: donated by my sister for this project - thanks again! (free)
brown pants: secondhand (free)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $75.08

p.s. - are you getting sick of me reminding you about my contest yet? you only have till monday for a chance to see your name/message/cause in lights!