day thirty-eight

i'm posting pretty late tonight. that's because it's usually near-impossible to post in the daytime and tonight was a study night. so at the moment, i'm pretty much devoid of any cognitive activity, but i just had to let you know that i'm pretty sure i actually reached the end of the internet. i did search after search on various terms tonight and honestly, how is it possible that things can not exist??? i mean, i the only person who has tried certain searches before? how come the answers aren't there? for real??? i'm almost positive i'm caught in the middle of some kind of a conspiracy.

so as soon as i've graduated, i think my next project will be to rewrite the internet so everything's there. you're welcome.


today's look while demonstrating various ways to obtain splinters:

blue turtleneck: old navy, about two years old ($15)
purple scarf around waist: donated by my mother-in-law for this project - thanks! (free)
purple tights: zellers ($10)

winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:

about $100.08


Anonymous said...

ok, chris,
you are overtired...