day thirty-two

i love everything about knitting. from choosing the perfect pattern to browsing my favourite local yarn shop for wool to casting on and then finally...finally...casting off the completed garment.

it's the only thing related to needles that i love. i love sifting through vintage patterns tagged with headings such as "for the well-dressed young man" that are modeled by slightly creepy-looking children wearing things such as knitted helmets and dickies. i marvel at the sheer accumulation of tiny stitches, each completed one by one. the patterns comprised of formulas only a pure mathematics genius could fathom. the detail. the concentration. the patience. oh god, the patience. it's akin to the work of monks, really.

(only without the head-shaving part.)


today's look while wearing the same thing over and over again:

black turtleneck under dress: old navy, about two years old ($15)
patterned vintage silk cravat around waist: donated by my dad for this project - thanks! (free)black skirt under dress: made by my sister (free)
black knee socks: ($5)

grand total:
about $20.08