day forty-two

i am so blind. and i hate to wear glasses. and by hate, i mean really strongly dislike - kind of on a par with an unadventurous person's initial reaction to offal. but without them i can't see two feet in front of my face. no, make that one foot. (ish.) the annoying part is that i'm blind, but not blind enough to get a prescription for a seeing eye dog. i know this because i tried asking for one at my last eye appointment, but the optometrist wouldn't do it.

in my earlier years, i would only wear my glasses when i really couldn't see the blackboard, but at all other times, i would meander around in a half-haze, likely squinting quite hard. i'm sure people thought i was trying to give them evil looks when all i was really trying to do was look cool and not bump into things.

then i finally got contact lenses. i remember the first time i put them on, it was like a miracle. like a light beamed out of the sky and a choir of angels could be heard. being able to see without glasses on? what a concept! everything was so...clear! but then as the years progressed, my eyes became unable to tolerate them without getting dried out and bloodshot, so i basically looked like a druggie fixing for a, well, fix. not a great look. especially at the office.

next came the inevitable glasses that had to be worn full-time, since i honestly can't read either close-up or far away now. it is kind of fun to take them off once in a while, though, and see life through a hazy blur. everything has a fuzzy edge and regular old items become near-unrecognizable. it's like those photos in kids' magazines where part of a familiar object is shown and the child is supposed to recognize what it is through some kind of cognitive approach. yeah. then after about two minutes the fun is over and i actually really need to see for real. so on go the glasses again.

maybe someday i'll be able to get surgery so i can once again see the world without accessories. or maybe one day i'll get my prescription dog.


today's look while turning a blind eye:

black t-shirt with velcro tab over dress (today, i've spelled out "forty two"): next exit, about seven years old ($45)
black ruffled platform wedge sandals: if footwear, about nine months old (about $110)
black tights: gifted (free)

grand total:
about $155.08


judysquared said...

i wrote about glasses today, too, but didn't know you had, until presto, i view your blog, and you are talking about glasses too! how weird!

mamachu said...

whoa! it's like we're real it!