day forty-seven

so where did the idea for this adventure come from anyway? allow me to introduce you to the amazing sheena matheiken over at the uniform project. she is wearing her little black dress for an entire year and that year is up this april. every day, she creates amazing, daring, artistic masterpieces (that often only she could pull off!) out of one simple black dress and one-of-a-kind accessories. through her project, she is raising money for the akanksha foundation which will go towards the education of underprivileged children in india.

i had the privilege of chatting with sheena a couple of months ago before i started my own project. she was amazingly sweet and supportive and an absolute inspiration. as of this moment, she has raised a whopping $54,837 which translates to 152 kids in school! it just blows me away how much good she has done in such a short time.

realistically i know that i will never be as fashionable, as connected, or anywhere near as successful as she has been with her project, but it's not a contest. her positive, sincere attitude and encouragement keep me going every day to continue on my own quest to raise money for almost home and to do my best to succeed. i have a strong dedication to my project thanks to her as my inspiration.

so thanks, sheena. i can't wait to see what you have up your fashionable sleeve next!


today's look while continuing on my quest:

brown long-sleeved t-shirt under dress: value village, about a year old (about $4)
embroidered tie around waist: refashioned from a t-shirt my sister donated for this project - thanks! (free)
green crocheted hat: value village, nine months old ($4)
brown knee socks: sears ($8)
brown leather boots: aldo, about three years old (about $125)

grand total:
about $133.08