day thirty-six

today i went skating on a frozen bog at the back of our property. it's a beautiful bog in the wintertime. i went out for a walk earlier inthe afternoon and skimmed off a layer of snow and underneath lay a perfect-looking skating rink.

all of my bog memories aren't quite so nice. well, i really only have one other bog memory. really, how many bog memories can one have, after all? anyway, i was preschool age and my mum and our neighbours and i went out for a nice walk in the woods one day. everything was going fine until my friend and i started zigzagging off the main dirt path. our mums kept yelling at us to stay on the main path because there were bogs on either side. yeah yeah yeah whaever we're having fun and what's a bog anyway, we thought, so we kept zigzagging until...splash! there i was up to my neck in bog water. what happened next all occurred in very slow motion. i remember the distinct feeling of my body sinking down, down, down while the murky brown water rose up, up, up. somehow i managed to keep my head just above the water, but i couldn't feel the bottom and was running out of time. suddenly at the last moment, i was saved and yanked from the putrid smelly water.

i was forced to swallow my pride and walk home dripping wet and reeking of bog. and to make matters worse, my friend could not stop laughing at me the entire way home, even though it could have just as easily been her instead of me.

oh well, i learned my lesson. now i make sure bogs are well and truly frozen before i go anywhere near them.


today's look while attempting an arabesque to camel spin followed by a triple axel finished off with a flip jump to quadruple salchow with a cherry on top:

grey t-shirt under dress: liquidation world, about three months old ($5)
green nightdress under dress: value village, about a year old ($20)
green tie around waist: from dressing gown (free)
grey knee socks (not visible): gifted (free)

skates: can't remember (probably around $30)

grand total:
about $55.08