day fifty-four

dear anonymous person in my life,

we have been friends for just over sixeen years. we became friends via an anonymous post-it note that you stuck to my computer monitor when we worked at the same company saying "reminder: tomorrow's my birthday. don't forget!" or something along those lines. since then, we've shared countless weekend breakfasts in the market, chatted over dim sum, shopped till we dropped, and hung out at your cottage (which, no matter what you say, is still really actually a gigantic house in the suburbs to all of us regular people). we've shared heartbreaks and karaoke stages, cups of coffee and heart-to-hearts. we haven't always lived in the same zip code, but we've always stayed in touch.

you have an amazingly generous soul. you are always there for me no matter what, and i will always be there for you too. you are my true friend and you hold a very special place in my heart (don't let it go to your head).

and so on this your special day, i wish you a very happy birthday. thanks for sixteen years of great memories with lots more to come...



today's look while blowing birthday wishes across the miles:

purple dress over dress: liquidation world, about seven months old ($7)
purple tights: zellers ($10)
green crocheted hat: value village, nine months old ($4)
purple flower pin and tie around waist: recycled by me out of an old t-shirt (free)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $96.08

p.s. - don't forget about my contest!