day fifty-seven

have you been watching the olympics? i have here and there. it's great and all, especially living in the host country. it's quite an honour. (see that "u" in honour? yep, that proves right there that i am a real, official canadian).

anyway, the olympics are great how they are, but i think next time they should consider changing things up a little and maybe cross-promoting the different sports. this could theoretically gain double the fans for each event! hear that olympic committee? here are my suggestions:

* the skeleton could be even more exciting if the athletes donned speed skates and hurled themselves down the track.
* ice hockey would be a touch more challenging if done wearing alpine skis, don't you think?
* the biathlon could be made harder if the athletes wore cross-country snowboards strapped to each foot instead of skis. just sayin'.
* instead of throwing a rock during curling, how about one of those tiny figure skaters? rocks just slide down the ice; skaters can do triple-axels!
* speaking of figure skating, how about speed-figure-skating instead of just regular old boring speed skating? i know, so much more interesting!
* freestyle skiing? how about launching off that track upside down on a luge instead? now that's exciting!

i'm pretty sure this could catch on...


today's look while not participating in any actual sporting events:

purple turtleneck under dress: jacob connexion from about three years ago ($15)
brown lace skirt worn tiered under dress: donated by my sister for this project - thanks! (free)
purple tie around waist: deconstructed from old t-shirt (free)
purple tights: zellers ($10)
black ruffled platform wedge sandals: if footwear, about nine months old (about $110)

grand total:
about $135.08

p.s. - please don't let me down, people! only three more days left to enter my contest!