day forty-six

for the past couple of days, i've been trying to teach tenzin to wink. it's not working very well. he can do many things, but he can't master the wink quite yet.

which got us to thinking tonight: why is a wink used to convey that you think someone is cute? i mean, really, is scrunching up one eye at someone really a good way to let them know you think they're something special?

i suppose it could present an offer to readjust one's contact lens which could lead to a touch on the cheek which could lead to a kiss which could lead to a date which could lead to another few dates which could lead to some anniversaries which could lead to marriage...

but i think handing someone your phone number's the better way to go.


today's look while sitting on the fence:

purple dress over dress: liquidation world, about seven months old ($7)
large solid & small printed brown ties around waist: scrap materials (free)

grey wrist warmers: handknit by me (about $2)
striped socks: zellers, about a year old ($5)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)

grand total:
about $89.08