day thirty-three

i am a procrastinator. always have been, probably always will be, at least to a certain extent. i've vastly improved over the years, but it appears that i'm still not quite able willing to give up many of my last-minute habits.

my to-do list grows longer by the day, but there are just so many distractions that get in the way. you know, like reading the internet. and...reading the internet. i seem to have a little bit of a problem with that lately. i have so many things i'd love to get done. things i dream about doing all day when i really don't have the time. things i am sure i will start immediately once dinner's done and the baby's in bed and just as soon as that's all finished with, i make false promises to myself that i'll get started on the important stuff.

right after i just check my email. just for a minute, though! and double-check to see if the few blogs i read daily have been updated. and go onto twitter to see if anyone's done anything fascinating while i've been hanging out all day and eating dinner and reading books to the baby before he goes down to bed.

so, about two hours later, i'm still promising i'll hit my to-do list and swipe a few items off the list, but the damn internet has sucked me into its pit once again and now it's late and all i want to do is watch a tv show or two and then fall asleep on the couch.

oh, discipline, where have you gone? i promise tonight i'll get something important accomplished...


today's look while doing something else other than what i should probably be doing:

black t-shirt under dress: old navy about four years old ($15)
brown and orange necktie worn around waist: donated by my dad for this project - thanks! (free)
black tights: (about $15)
orange necklace: aldo, can't remember how old 
orange beaded bracelets: can't remember how old (about $5)
winter boots: aldo from last year (about $75)
grand total:
about $120.08


Anonymous said...

You sure do look great no matter what you're wearing - great fashion sense. And - then - there's those boots - again!

mamachu said...

thanks, anonymous! gee, i sense that you're getting a little tired of the boots so, just for you, tomorrow i will don some fancy footwear! stay tuned...