day thirty-five

i stayed up late last night. like, really late till 2:00 am. i used to stay up till 2:00 am all the time. i do not ever stay up till 2:00 am anymore. (except that time when we bought guitar hero world tour for the wii and couldn't stop playing until 5:00 am). anyway, last night i wasn't even doing anything as remotely exciting as that. i was working on an assignment for one of my courses. (see previously referred-to procrastination issues here). i got on a roll and just ended up sticking with it and then the clock rolled forward four hours and that's when i knew i was doomed to a near-comatose state today.

you know you're really tired when you do the following: i was driving to the library this morning when all of a sudden i wondered where my car keys were because, you know, i thought i might need them to get home. then i realized they were in the ignition because i was driving. eesh.


today's look while prying my eyes open with toothpicks:

striped t-shirt under dress: value village, about six months old ($7)
grey wrist warmers: handknit by me (about $2)
grey hat: really, really old (about $2)
grey tights: (about $15)

brown boots: zellers about three months old ($20)
scrap material around waist: (free)

grand total:
about $46.08