day fifty-three

so, just as we appear to have hit an early spring, the donations seem to have frozen...

i know everyone's always being bombarded for donations for something. hell, i've worked in an office before and know that practically every other week means it's time to pony up for either:
a) a coworker's birthday

b) a coworker's baby shower
c) a coworker's wedding party
d) a coworker's bail bond

you know, there's always something going on and a card being passed around with an envelope begging for some coins. but my little envelope needs your attention too...

so i have decided to hold a mini contest! if you donate this week, the person who gives the largest donation by next monday, march 1st will get their name in lights! i will put your name/website link/cause/message to the people on this website every day for an entire week. an entire week! did you recently start a business? make something you want to show off? are you an artist? do you want to propose marriage? do you want to publicly apologize to someone? are you looking for a mate?

all you have to do is donate using the easy paypal link at the top of the page and next monday, i will announce the winner right here! then from march 2 - 9, you will get a mention every single day and your message will be spread around for everyone to enjoy - all for donating and helping out an amazing cause!

(for more info about the charity i'm raising money for, please visit

good luck!


today's look while depending on the kindness of others:

blue crochet sweater over dress: donated by my sister for this project - thanks! (free)
brown corduroy pants: jeffrey rogers from england about ten years ago (about $30)
socks: secondhand (free)

grand total:
about $30.08


Anonymous said...

Maybe donations are frozen because everyone is frozen to the Olympics on TV!