day fifty-nine

two months down...four more to go! so far, this adventure in dressing is living up to its name. this month, my dress and i have:

* been heckled
* stayed up way too late
* squinted a lot
* been inspired
* held a contest
* sent birthday wishes
* redesigned the olympics
* made dinner

and once again, most importantly, i received three generous monetary donations for almost home which is why i'm doing this adventure in the first place! thanks so much again to everyone who reached into their pockets for this amazing cause. just a reminder, i stayed at almost home for three weeks while tenzin was in the nicu. they are not part of any hospital and don't receive any united way funding which is why every little bit i can raise for them will go a long way.

i have high hopes for march to hopefully raise even more money for this amazing place. could you please do me a favour and email/facebook/twitter my website to a few of your contacts? i need help getting the word out since there are only four months left to go!

and last but not least, please don't forget about my contest! how could you? i've been bothering you about it non-stop for nearly a week...which means that there is only one day left to enter! i will be choosing the winner tomorrow by 6:00 pm - the largest donation of the week wins their name in lights! will it be you? check back tomorrow to find out...

today's look while ripping one more month off the calendar:

black sweater over dress: fairweather, about two years old ($20)
brown tights: (about $12)
striped socks: zellers, a year old ($5)
black platform shoes: aldo from two years ago ($125)

grand total:
about $162.08