day thirty-four

dear anonymous winter boot heckler,

well, you're not really a heckler, but you have mentioned "the boots" a couple of times now. so today's picture is just for you! i donned my most ridiculous four-inch platforms just because i care.

i am a typical girl in that i have always loved shoes. a long time ago, when i was in about grade one or two, a camera crew came to our class to film a few select children for a local cable show. i have no idea why they were even there, except for i was one of the chosen few and i was holding a puppet. some lady was asking me all kinds of questions, but the entire time i was trying to speak to her through my eyes saying "whatever you do, film from the waist up. got that? waist-up only shots, lady, or i'm gonna be in big trouble!" she must have gotten my telepathic messages because when my family trekked up the street to watch the program at a friend's house when it aired, i was only filmed from the waist up, albeit with a very strange look in my eye. the reason i didn't want my feet filmed? i had traded shoes with a friend that day (blue suede clogs!) and that was a big no-no, lest my feet grow deformed cloven hooves from wearing another child's shoes for a day (or whatever real reason my parents gave me. they were likely just trying to avoid me getting some fungal disease or nasty child cootie thing.)

then there was the grade three picture which also involves a strange contortion of my face due to the fact that minutes before the picture being taken, my sandal broke. so there i stood with my foot sort of dangling off to side, looking a bit forlorn.

another shoe memory is going to zellers as a kid and begging my mum for chinese shoes. they were basically black canvas mary janes but with the wear and tear i gave my shoes they'd only last about a week before dissintegrating. i remember the last time my mum said i wouldn't be getting any more of those because i wore them out too fast. i was heartbroken. but nothing i could do or say would change her mind. so then i pined for the dr. scholl's wooden-soled flip flops. i never got any of those either, but i thought they looked so glamourous and they made a fantastic clip-clop noise when people walked in them.

fast forward over a decade and there i was in amsterdam, buying three-inch spice girls shoes. oh yeah. they looked like hovercrafts on my feet, but they turned my 5'3" height to 5'6" in mere seconds, and i became addicted. ever since, the taller the better. i wore three inch platforms throughout my entire pregnancy and even wore them to the hospital when my water broke.

so, anonymous, i am not really only a boring winter boot person after all. i will try to bust out some more variety. but i'm calling you if i break my tailbone on the ice this winter.


today's look while teetering and tottering around:

purple turtleneck under dress: jacob connexion from about three years ago ($15)
striped socks: zellers, a year old ($5)

brown tights: (about $12)blue beaded necklace: value village, around five years ago (about $10)yellow polka dotted silk scarf around waist: secondhand (free)
green beaded bracelet: donated by my friend vanessa for this project - thanks! (free) (p.s.: check out her photography site!)
black platform shoes: aldo from two years ago ($125)
grand total:about $167.08


Anonymous said...

Your grandfather's cousin wore extra high heels even in her 90's so obviously it's in your genes. Well she didn't wear jeans...