day forty

from the moment i first discovered vivienne westwood years ago, i have always been a big fan. hmmm..maybe it's the red hair? there are many, many reasons really, but when i read this, i swooned a little. not buy any non-essentials for six months? holy crap, it's as if she read my blog.

a far-out wish, for sure, but i think it proves we redheads have a certain special connection.


today's look while drooling over fantastical creations i'm not allowed to buy (and could never afford anyway):

white sweater: can't remember where bought, about five years old ($40)
green sequined t-shirt under dress (not visible): americal eagle, two years old ($15)
jeans: value village, about six months old ($20)
brown socks: zellers ($3)

grand total:
about $78.08